NETHATE Workshop on Creative Thinking and Innovation

In 2021, from September 6th to 10th, Trinity College Dublin provided a full week of creative thinking and innovation workshop for early-stage researchers (ESRs) in NETHATE. During the workshop, ESRs learned creative thinking and theories of innovation, toolkits to help think creatively and innovation module.

In the last two days of the workshop, ESRs put what they learned into practice by creating their own solutions to the hate problem. 15 ESRs in three groups worked on three projects related to hate in real life. At the end of the workshop, ESRs presented their solutions to consortiums and collected valuable feedback on how to improve the ideas.

Below are some creative ideas from ESRs

<Don’t hate map> by Yuying Tan, Ina Weber, Fernando Ruiz Molina, Omar Saal, Sophie Litvak

Click on the image to check the presentation

If you are interested in details about each project, welcome check the Researchers page.