We ensure that the early stage researchers acquire a broad and deep multi-disciplinary and inter-sectoral training and experience that will make them highly marketable and sought after graduates.

NETHATE Calendar 2021-2022

WhenWhatWhereOrganizing Responsibility
April 9-22Kick-off and 1st Workshop
Session 1 Information and discussion on NETHATE; Petri Ylikoski, Professor of Sociology, Vice Dean, Faculty of Social Science, University of Helsinki.
Session 2 Basics of interdisciplinary collaboration, European Data Protection Regulation and Its Implications for Research; Päivi Korpisaari, Professor of Law, University of Helsinki.
Session 3 Open science before and during analysis: systematic reviews, replications and pre-registrations. Mikko Aaltonen, Professor of Criminology, University of Eastern Finland.
Open science after analysis: ownership, archiving and secondary use of data, Research Specialist Meri-Tuulia Kaarakainen, Ministry of Education and Culture.
Session 4 Coping with traumatic content in research, Kirsi Peltonen, University Lecturer (psychology), University of Tampere.
onlineA Bokde
September 6-102nd Workshop – Creative Thinking and InnovationOnlineA Bokde
October 14.10 (9am-12pm) and 15.10 (10am-13pm) 22.10. (12-15pm) 26.10 (9am-12pm)3rd Workshop – Research Practices  
Session 1 Daniela Cutas (Lund University) 14.10.21 (9am-12pm) “Ethical Codes and Conventions in Research”
Session 2 Bernard Geoghegan (King’s College London) 15.10.21 (10am-13pm) “Demystifying Academic Writing: Applications, Grants, Cover Letters”
Session 3 Mia Liinason (Lund University) 22.10. 21 (12-15pm)  “Career Strategies”
Session 4 Matilda Arvidsson (University of Gothenburg) 26.10.21 (9am-12pm)  “Legal Regulations of Research”            
Online (University of Gothenburg)L Åkervall
November 12ESRs Mid-term Reviewonline
March 28-29Annual NETHATE ConferenceJena, GermanyT Rothmund
June 13 – 174th Workshop Hatred & Int Legal Standards + Summer School: Human RightsDublin, IrelandR Fazaeli & J Temperman
September 13-165th Workshop Contemporary issues on HATE: A) Right-wing extremism (2 days) B) Critical studies on hate (2 days)Berlin, GermanyD Geschke & Z James
October (2 days)6th Workshop Science communicationDublin, IrelandA Bokde
Continuous Workshop: Mitigating the negative impact of ‘hate content’ during research & training

Bi-monthly meetings PIs & ESRs

Week 24 (17.6)PI Arun Bokde (Trinity)ESR Sophie Litvak (Helsinki)
Week 27 (8.7)PI Tobias Rothmund (Jena)ESR Ina Weber (Antwerpen)
Week 35 (2.9) PI Janne Kivivuori (Helsinki)ESR Yuying Tan (Antwerpen)
Week 37 (13.-17.9)PI Pekka Rasanen (Turku)ESR Omar Saal (Limerick)
Week 39 (27.9-1.10)PI Heidi Vanderboch (Antwerpen)ESR Anuhya Bobba (Turku)
Week 41 (11.-15.10)PI Simone van der Hof (Leiden) 
Week 43 (25.-29.10)PI Roja Fazelli (Dublin)ESR Tegan Snyman (Rotterdam)
Week 45 (8.-12.11)PI Daniel Geschke (Jena)ESR Vladimir Bojarskich (Jena)
Week 47 (22.-26.11)PI Lisa Åkervall (Gothenburg)ESR Leda Tortora (Dublin)
Week 49 (6.-10.12)PI Sara Pabian (Antwerpen)ESR Sama Khosravi Ooryad (Gothenburg)
Week 3 (17.1-21.1)PI Zoe James (Plymouth)ESR Anna Trimborn (Dublin)
Week 5 (31.1-4.2)PI Karoline Poels (Antwerpen)ESR Laura Dellagiacoma (Jena)
Week 7 (14.-18.2)PI Simon McCarthy-Jones (Dublin)ESR Soraya Afzali
Week 9 (2.2-4.3)PI Jennifer Schweppe (Limerick)ESR Eva Nave (Leiden)
Week 11 (14.-18.2)PI Jan De Vries (Dublin)ESR Azadeh Nematy (TCD)
Week 13 (28.2-4.3)PI Jeroen Temperman (Rotterdam)ESR Fernando Ruiz Molina (Plymouth)
*Preferably sessions could be on the Thursday of the specified week, for consistency in planning. However, if the presenting PI/ESR are not available on Thursday they may schedule their session on another day of the indicated week.