ESR8 Yuying Tan

University of Antwerp
Supervised by Prof. K. Poels, Prof. H. Vandebosch, Dr. S. Pabian
I research social media affordances’ impact on supporting online sexual harassment victims coping and human right policies that holds social media accountable for supporting victims.

Project Synopsis

Project title: Helping victims of online sexual harassment through online reporting and supporting systems

Objective: Online sexual harassment is an umbrella term for gender harassment, unwanted sexual attention, and sexual coercion. It occurs on almost every digital platform. The online sexual harassment experience can have a serious impact on victims’ lives, their psychological health, their reputation, their political participation, and their presence online. And online sexual harassment is a violation of gender equality and human rights. In my PhD project, I research how digital platforms’ affordances may influence the coping behaviors of online sexual harassment victims.

Method: We will follow the Intervention Mapping Protocol (Bartholomew et al., 2016)  to develop an evidence-based ICT intervention targeted at victims of online sexual harassment. Based on existing scientific insights, new empirical findings, and sociotechnical affordance theories, the objectives and the behavioral change methods for the ICT intervention will be specified. This top-down approach will be combined with a bottom-up approach. We co-design the ICT intervention together with Gen Z young people to make sure the solution is user-friendly.



Yuying Tan (Sherry) is a PhD candidate at the Media & ICT in Organizations and Society (MIOS) research group at the University of Antwerp. Through years of work in the internet industry, she learned the process of product design, prototyping, testing, and digital marketing. She believes that a good design should not only attract, entertain and retain users but should also benefit users’ well-being. Yuying’s research areas include ICT and human behavior, machine learning, social media, and interactive design. She obtained a master’s degree in Cognitive System and Interactive Media at Pompeu Fabra University in Spain; master thesis titled ‘Analysis of Body Pose for Autism Child in Mixed-Reality Full-Body Interaction System’. Before she shifted her career to media and communication, she held a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation, followed by 2 years of work in EPSON.




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