Categorie: WP3: Culture, Ideologies, & Religion

  • ESR10 Laura Dellagiacoma

    ESR10 Laura Dellagiacoma

    Project Synopsis Project title: Online hate speech: contents, networks and effects on hate crime. While the interest of researchers and policy-makers towards online hate speech is growing, its impact on the offline world is still to be assessed. In fact, most research has been focusing either on online hate speech or on hate crime, letting […]

  • ESR11 Afzali Soraya

    ESR11 Afzali Soraya

    Project Synopsis Project title: Preaching Hate: A Contextual Discourse Analysis of Charismatic Socio-Religious Speech. This project investigates the relationship between the emotions undergirding the practice of hate and the construction and influence of formal and informal types of authority in the European context. Increasingly “hateful ideologies” are propagated by right-wing propagandists, religious fanatics, and extreme […]

  • ESR12 Sophie Litvak

    ESR12 Sophie Litvak

    Project Synopsis Project title: Religion and Hate Victimization among Youth: Contexts, Consequences and Adaptive Strategies. Religion remains a source of meaning for billions of people in today’s world. For many, religion is a crucial part of their identity, which sets the guidelines for their way of living, form of communicating, their dress code and behaviour. […]

  • ESR13 Tegan Snyman

    ESR13 Tegan Snyman

    Project Synopsis Project title: Religiously motivated hate speech targeting queer persons: An International Human Rights Analysis Within international human rights law, the right to freedom of speech is fundamental. However, it is not absolute. Varied prohibitions on “speech which incites” are contained in treaties and legislation worldwide. But what about speech which is hateful, but […]

  • ESR14 Fernando Ruiz Molina

    ESR14 Fernando Ruiz Molina

    Project Synopsis Project title: A Critical Analysis of Hate Perpetration Against Roma. Antigypsyism is “a specific form of racism directed against gypsies, an ideology based on racial superiority, a form of dehumanization and institutional racism fueled by historical discrimination, which is expresses, among other ways, through violence, hate speech, exploitation, stigmatization and the most brutal […]

  • ESR15 Vladimir Bojarskich

    ESR15 Vladimir Bojarskich

    Project Synopsis Project title: Hate speech in polarized political controversies – communicative dynamics and prospects of prevention. Hate speech is profoundly linked to politics and ideology. For instance, hate speech frequently targets politically salient and/or marginalized groups, rises in response to sociopolitical events, and is more prevalent in political compared to nonpolitical online discussions. Relatedly, […]