Categorie: WP2: Technology & Social Media

  • ESR6 Ina Weber

    ESR6 Ina Weber

    Project Synopsis Project title: Countering online hate speech through technological interventions. The spread of hate speech in digital spaces such as social media platforms and comment sections on news websites remains a significant problem and contributes to the polarisation of society and the normalisation of hate in online interactions. My PhD project takes a proactive […]

  • ESR7 Eva Nave

    ESR7 Eva Nave

    Project Synopsis Project title: Countering online hate speech — how to adequately protect fundamental rights? Today, more than 4,5 billion people communicate through the Internet. Easy access, large audiences, anonymity and instantaneous publication of unfiltered contents all contribute to expeditious information spread and suggest new tools for large-scale influence. Online platforms have developed internal self-regulatory […]

  • ESR8 Yuying Tan

    ESR8 Yuying Tan

    Project Synopsis Project title: Helping victims of online sexual harassment through online reporting and supporting systems Online sexual harassment (OSH) severely impacts an individual’s psychological well-being, and it is also a violation of human rights. Much scientific literature addresses the prevalence and impact of OSH and the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) affordances that facilitate […]

  • ESR9 Sama Khosravi Ooryad

    ESR9 Sama Khosravi Ooryad

    Project Synopsis Project title: Social Media Misogyny: Online Hate Against Women. With the rise of far-right nationalisms in recent years, misogyny has intensified and rapidly extended beyond the internet into the streets to enact violence offline. The internet and digital platforms have acted as a pressure cooker for misogyny, which is a threat to women […]