Categorie: WP1: Psychology & Neuroscience

  • ESR1 Anna Trimborn

    ESR1 Anna Trimborn

    Project Synopsis Project title: The neurological basis of hate and impact on bystanders. To date, little is known about the neural correlates of hate. There are no ‘hate databases’ which would allow the experimental study of the nature and impact of hate. In our project, we will therefore develop a database of hate and other […]

  • ESR2 Leda Tortora

    ESR2 Leda Tortora

    Project Synopsis Project title: Responses to Betrayal and its Resolution: the role of Hatred and Reconciliation Hatred is a complex phenomenon involving many components, including betrayal. If an individual is betrayed, particularly by trusted others, the resulting hatred may be aimed specifically at that person. However, a sense of betrayal can also be rooted in […]

  • ESR3 Anuhya Bobba

    ESR3 Anuhya Bobba

    Project Synopsis Project title: Evolving forms of hate in the consumer society The project considers how business owners racialized as non-white mediate self-employment in a context of systemic racism, including racist hate speech, in the cities of Helsinki and Turku, Finland. Since 2016, Finnish entrepreneurship and integration policies have put forth self-employment as a method […]

  • ESR5 Azadeh Nematy

    ESR5 Azadeh Nematy

    Project Synopsis Project title: The experience and effects of hatred of people with pedophilia Adults attracted to minors are among the most despised groups in contemporary societies. If this sexual/romantic attraction is aimed at specifically prepubescent children, it is termed pedophilia. Acting on this attraction is a criminal offense. Although someone can have pedophilia without […]