Early Stage Researchers (ESR) & Supervisors (PI)

WP1: Psychology & Neuroscience

  • ESR1 Anna Trimborn

    ESR1 Anna Trimborn

    Trinity College Dublin
    Supervised by Prof. A. Bokde
    I study what happens in the brain when confronted with hate – the neuronal correlates of hate in bystanders.
  • ESR2 Leda Tortora

    ESR2 Leda Tortora

    Trinity College Dublin
    Supervised by Prof. J. de Vries
    I research the hate and how we can stop hating: the role of betrayal and atonement.
  • ESR3 Anuhya Bobba

    ESR3 Anuhya Bobba

    University of Turku
    Supervised by Prof. P. Räsänen
  • ESR4 Miloš Burzan

    ESR4 Miloš Burzan

    University of Limerick
    Supervised by Prof. J. Schweppe
    I research how transnational and global processes inform socialization of hierarchies, moralities and prejudices in intersectional perspectives, institutional responses to people in forced migration and their integration, and SGB violence.
  • ESR5 Azadeh Nematy

    ESR5 Azadeh Nematy

    Trinity College Dublin
    Supervised by Dr. Simon McCarthy-Jones and Dr. Susan Flynn
    I research the experience and effects of hatred of people with pedophilia.

WP2: Technology & Social Media

  • ESR6 Ina Weber

    ESR6 Ina Weber

    University of Antwerp
    Supervised by Prof. H. Vandebosch, Prof. K. Poels, Dr. S. Pabian
    I research how to counter online hate speech through technological interventions.
  • ESR7 Eva Nave

    ESR7 Eva Nave

    Leiden University
    Supervised by Prof. Simone van der Hof, Prof. T.McGonagle
    I research how to counter online hate speech whilsts adequately protecting fundamental rights.
  • ESR8 Yuying Tan

    ESR8 Yuying Tan

    University of Antwerp
    Supervised by Prof. K. Poels, Prof. H. Vandebosch, Dr. S. Pabian
    I co-design reporting and supporting systems for online sexual harassment victims with interdisciplinary experts.
  • ESR9 Sama Khosravi Ooryad

    ESR9 Sama Khosravi Ooryad

    University of Gothenburg
    Supervised by Prof.A Backman Rogers, Prof. M. Liinason
    I investigate social media misogyny and online hate cultures.

WP3: Culture, Ideologies, & Religion

  • ESR10 Laura Dellagiacoma

    ESR10 Laura Dellagiacoma

    Institute for Democracy and Civil Society
    Supervised by Prof. T. Rothmund, Prof. W. Frindte, Dr. D. Geschke
    I explore online hate speech: contents, networks and effects on hate crime.
  • ESR11 Afzali Soraya

    ESR11 Afzali Soraya

    Trinity College Dublin
    Supervised by Dr. R. Fazaeli
    I look into the role of charismatic leaders in the propagation of hate through a bottom-up approach.
  • ESR12 Sophie Litvak

    ESR12 Sophie Litvak

    University of Helsinki
    Supervised by Prof. J. Kivivuori
    I look into religion and hate victimization among youth: contexts, consequences and adaptive strategies.
  • ESR13 Tegan Snyman

    ESR13 Tegan Snyman

    Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Supervised by Prof. J. Temperman and Prof. W. van der Burg
    I analyse, through international human rights standards, religiously motivated hate speech which targets queer people.
  • ESR14 Fernando Ruiz Molina

    ESR14 Fernando Ruiz Molina

    University of Plymouth
    Supervised by Dr. Z. James
    I am doing a critical analysis of hate perpetration against Roma.
  • ESR15 Vladimir Bojarskich

    ESR15 Vladimir Bojarskich

    Friedrich Schiller University Jena
    Supervised by Prof. T. Rothmund
    I study the role of political ideology in people’s engagement with online hate speech.

WP1: Psychology & Neuroscience Supervisors

  • Dr. A. Haynes

    Dr. A. Haynes

    University of Limerick
    Hate Crime, Sociology of Crime, Deviance and Social Control
  • Prof. J. Schweppe

    Prof. J. Schweppe

    University of Limerick
    Hate studies, law
  • Prof. S. McCarthy-Jones

    Prof. S. McCarthy-Jones

    Trinity College Dublin
    Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology
  • Prof. P. Räsänen

    Prof. P. Räsänen

    University of Turku
    Economic sociology Information technology, Digital inequality, Consumer behavior
  • Prof. J. de Vries

    Prof. J. de Vries

    Trinity College Dublin
    Cognitive dissonance research, cognitive neuroscience,social psychology
  • Prof. A. Bokde

    Prof. A. Bokde

    Trinity College Dublin
    Complex emotion, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)

WP2: Technology & Social Media Supervisors

  • Prof.dr. S. van der Hof

    Prof.dr. S. van der Hof

    Leiden University
    technology law, children’s rights, cyberbullying, online sexual abuse, privacy and data protection
  • Prof. M. Liinason

    Prof. M. Liinason

    Lund University
    gender studies
  • Dr. L. Åkervall

    Dr. L. Åkervall

    University of Gothenburg
  • Dr. S. Pabian

    Dr. S. Pabian

    University of Antwerp & Tilburg University
    Online aggression, Online persuasive communication, Strategic communication
  • Prof. K. Poels

    Prof. K. Poels

    University of Antwerp
    Persuasive technology, Strategic communication
  • Prof. H. Vandebosch

    Prof. H. Vandebosch

    University of Antwerp
    Cyberbullying and other types of online aggression, Technological health interventions

WP3: Culture, Ideologies, & Religion Supervisors

  • Prof. Z. James

    Prof. Z. James

    University of Plymouth
    Criminal justice, Discrimination, Gypsies Travellers and Roma
  • Prof. W. van der Burg

    Prof. W. van der Burg

    Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Legal philosophy, legal theory, law and ethics Legal research methods
  • Prof. J. Temperman

    Prof. J. Temperman

    Erasmus School of Law
    International law and religion
  • Prof. J. Kivivuori

    Prof. J. Kivivuori

    University of Helsinki
    Criminology, Homicide, Youth Crime, Methodology of crime surveys
  • Dr. R. Fazaeli

    Dr. R. Fazaeli

    Trinity College Dublin
    Islamic Civilisation
  • Dr. D. Geschke

    Dr. D. Geschke

    Institute for Democracy and Civil Society Jena
    Hate crime, hate speech
  • Prof. W. Frindte

    Prof. W. Frindte

    Friedrich-Schiller University Jena
    Psychology of Communication and Media Use
  • Prof. T. Rothmund

    Prof. T. Rothmund

    Friedrich-Schiller University Jena
    Research on Political Psychology, Desinformation Interventions and Social Justice Concerns