Prof. W. Frindte

Friedrich-Schiller University Jena
Psychology of Communication and Media Use


After studying psychology at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (FSU Jena), Prof. Dr. phil. Wolfgang Frindte received his diploma in 1974 on the subject of “time constancy of behavioral characteristics in experimental games”. After graduating, he worked, among other things, as an industrial and organizational psychologist in microelectronics and as a research assistant at the Saxon Academy of Sciences. In 1981 Prof. Frindte received his doctorate and worked as a senior research assistant at the Erfurt/Mühlhausen University of Education until his habilitation on the subject of “Theory and Experiment in Social Psychology” at the FSU Jena in 1987. Following his habilitation, he was appointed full professor of social psychology at the FSU Jena.

After his appointment, Prof. Dr. phil. Wolfgang Frindte, among others, at the Colorado State University Fort Collins (USA), as a C2 professor at the Institute for Psychology and deputized for the chair of social psychology (FSU Jena) and was a fellow at the Bucerius Institute of the University of Haifa (Israel). 

Since 2007 Prof. Dr. phil. Wolfgang Frindte Member of the scientific management of the “Human Communication” course at Dresden International University.