Researcher Category: WP3: Culture, Ideologies, & Religion Supervisors

  • Prof. Z. James

    Prof. Z. James

    Biography Dr Zoë James is Professor of Criminology at the University of Plymouth, UK. Her key research interests lie in examining hate from a critical perspective with a particular focus on the harms of hate experienced by Gypsies, Travellers and Roma. Zoë’s research has explored how mobility, accommodation, policing and planning have impacted the lived…

  • Prof. W. van der Burg

    Prof. W. van der Burg

    Biography Fields of research: Legal philosophy, legal theory, law and ethics Legal research methods, interdisciplinary research Multicultural society, law and religion, anti-discrimination law. Political theory, democratic theory.

  • Prof. J. Temperman

    Prof. J. Temperman

    Biography Jeroen Temperman is professor of international law and religion and head of the department of international and European Union Law at Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is the editor-in-chief of Religion & Human Rights. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has appointed him as a member of the OSCE Panel of…

  • Prof. J. Kivivuori

    Prof. J. Kivivuori

    Biography Prof. Kivivuori’s research focuses on homicide, delinquency, methodology of crime measurement, history of criminology and historical criminology. His most recent projects involve the extension of comparative homicide research into deep past (Historical Homicide Monitor). He has been centrally involved in the creation of research based crime indicators, such as the Finnish Self-Report Delinquency Study…

  • Dr. R. Fazaeli

    Dr. R. Fazaeli

    Biography Associate Professor Islamic Civilisation, Near & Middle Eastern Studies

  • Prof. T. Rothmund

    Prof. T. Rothmund

    Biography Tobias Rothmund is Professor for Psychology of Communication and Media Use at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (Germany). His research interests are located in the intersection between personality research, political psychology and mass media communication. Current work addresses topics such as right-wing populism, political ideology and justice sensitivity, justice perceptions in mass media…