Researcher Category: WP2: Technology & Social Media Supervisors

  • Prof.dr. S. van der Hof

    Prof.dr. S. van der Hof

    Biography Simone van der Hof is a full professor of law and digital technologies at the Center of Law and Digital Technologies and academic director of the Institute for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Law, Leiden Law School, Leiden University. Her main area of academic interest is children’s rights and digital technologies. Simone van der…

  • Prof. M. Liinason

    Prof. M. Liinason

    Biography Mia Liinason is a Professor in Gender Studies. She researches feminism as a transformative project and social justice in a global perspective. She is also Wallenberg Academy Fellow.

  • Dr. L. Åkervall

    Dr. L. Åkervall

    Biography Lisa Åkervall is Associate Professor of Film Studies at the Department of Cultural Sciences at the University of Gothenburg. Her recent research focuses on cinematic affect, digital and social media, postcinematic aesthetics, digital sound studies, and the cultural techniques of neoliberalism. She is author of Kinematographische Affekte: Die Transformation der Kinoerfahrung, Fink Verlag 2018 and co-editor…

  • Dr. S. Pabian

    Dr. S. Pabian

    Biography Sara Pabian (PhD, 2015) is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication and Cognition. Prior to joining Tilburg University, she worked as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Antwerp, where she completed her PhD. The title of her PhD is ‘A developmental perspective on…

  • Prof. K. Poels

    Prof. K. Poels

    Biography I am a full professor of Strategic Communication and Persuasive Technologies at the Department of Communication Studies, University of Antwerp, Belgium and member of the research group MIOS (Media & ICT in Organizations & Society). Currently I am the Chair of the Department of Communication Studies (2018-2021). I hold a PhD in Social Sciences…

  • Prof. H. Vandebosch

    Prof. H. Vandebosch

    Biography Heidi Vandebosch (Ph.D.) is Professor at the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). She has been conducting research on cyberbullying (prevalence, profiles of bullies and victims, impact, evidence-based interventions, the role of schools, the police and news media) since 2005. She was member of the Management Committee of COST action IS0801…