Researcher Category: WP2: Technology & Social Media Early Stage Researchers

  • ESR6 Ina Weber 

    ESR6 Ina Weber 

    Biography Ina Weber is a PhD candidate in the research group Media and ICT in Organisations and Society (MIOS) in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Antwerp. Her research focuses on the development of technological interventions to prevent online hate speech. Within this framework, she is particularly interested in the ways in…

  • ESR7 Eva Nave 

    ESR7 Eva Nave 

    Biography Eva Nave is a PhD candidate at the Center for Law and Digital Technologies (eLaw) at Leiden University. Her research focuses on countering hate speech through standardized regulation on online platforms. Eva obtained a LL.B. in Law at the Nova University of Lisbon, with one semester completed at LMU Munich, a Postgraduation in Human…

  • ESR8 Yuying Tan 

    ESR8 Yuying Tan 

    Biography Yuying Tan is a PhD candidate at the Media & ICT in Organizations and Society (MIOS) research group at the University of Antwerp. Through years of work in the internet industry, she learned the process of product design, prototyping, testing, and digital marketing. She believes that a good design should not only attract, entertain…

  • ESR9 Sama Khosravi Ooryad 

    ESR9 Sama Khosravi Ooryad 

    Biography Sama Khosravi Ooryad is a PhD candidate at the department of Cultural Sciences at University of Gothenburg.  She holds a Master’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies at Utrecht University and University of Oviedo under the GEMMA Erasmus Mundus scholarship.