Researcher Category: WP1: Psychology & Neuroscience Early Stage Researchers

  • ESR1 Anna Trimborn 

    ESR1 Anna Trimborn 

    Biography Anna Trimborn is a PhD candidate at Trinity College Dublin, working in the Institute of Neuroscience. During her M.Sc. in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition, and Behaviour (NL) Anna conducted her thesis research using brain imaging techniques (fMRI) and advanced machine-learning approaches to investigate how individuals understand other agents’ actions…

  • ESR2 Leda Tortora 

    ESR2 Leda Tortora 

    Biography Leda Tortora is a PhD student at Trinity College Dublin. Her current research focuses on core features and neural correlates of hateful behaviours and restorative justice. Leda received the BSc degree in Science and Techniques of Psychology at Lumsa University and the M.Sc. degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Sapienza University of Rome. Furthermore,…

  • ESR3 Anuhya Bobba 

    ESR3 Anuhya Bobba 


  • ESR4 Miloš Burzan

    ESR4 Miloš Burzan

    Biography Miloš Burzan is s PhD candidate at University of Limerick, Ireland. His interdisciplinary academic background combines anthropology, gender studies and human rights. Miloš holds ERMA master’s degree in Human Rights and Democracy from University of Sarajevo and University of Bologna, and MSc in Gender Studies and Social Anthropology from Lund University. He obtained BA…

  • ESR5 Azadeh Nematy 

    ESR5 Azadeh Nematy 

    Biography Azadeh Nematy was trained as a clinical psychologist (BA and MA) in Iran. She continued her education in gender and sexuality studies at the University of Leeds in the UK. Azadeh worked as a psychologist in the mental healthcare system. She also collaborated with several NGOs over the past ten years. Her NGO-based activities…