A Critical Analysis of Hate Perpetration Against Roma

Project Synopsis

Title: A Critical Analysis of Hate Perpetration Against Roma.

Antigypsyism is “a specific form of racism directed against gypsies, an ideology based on racial superiority, a form of dehumanization and institutional racism fueled by historical discrimination, which is expresses, among other ways, through violence, hate speech, exploitation, stigmatization and the most brutal discrimination” (ECRI, 2011).

The failure of the EU’s hate crime policy to consider the systemic harms suffered by socially and economically excluded groups justify that the reports of hate-inspired harassment and violence against Roma are very high (FRA, 2016).

Considering that social exclusion leads to serious challenges of policing hate against Roma (James, 2015), this project aims to investigate how economic forces within globalization are impacting hate perpetration against Roma. To attain it, this project will provide 1) a coherent evidence base for better understanding hate committed against Roma communities and 2) explain hate perpetration within the context of neoliberal global capitalism. The outcome of this investigation will serve as a contribution to the development of policy changes for better protection of Roma against hate-inspired harassment and violence.

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ESR14 Fernando Ruiz Molina, PhD Candidate at University of Plymouth


Prof. Zoë James, University of Plymouth, criminal justice, discrimination, gypsies travelers and Roma