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WP1: Psychology & Neuroscience
WP2: Technology & Social Media
  • ESR 6 (Ina Weber) Paper in progress: Risk factors for online hate offending: A socioecological perspective.
  • ESR 6 (Ina Weber) Paper in progress: Discussing digital affordances as risk factors for online hate offending and potential intervention strategies
  • ESR 7 (Eva Nave) Paper in progress: The main elements of the regulation of online hate speech under European human rights law
  • ESR8 (Yuying Tan) Paper ready for submission: ICT interventions to support online sexual harassment victims: A systematic review
  • ESR8 (Yuying Tan) Paper submitted to Computational Communication Research journal: Talking about sexual harassment and receiving support in Reddit communities
  • ESR8 (Yuying Tan) Report in progress: Methods for reporting online sexual harassment on social media platforms
WP3: Culture, Ideologies, & Religion
  • ESR 10 (Laura Dellagiacoma) Paper in Progress: Ideological attitudes predicting online hate speech
  • ESR 10 (Laura Dellagiacoma) Book Chapter in Progress: Ideological attitudes and motivational goals behind online hate speech
  • ESR 10 (Laura Dellagiacoma) Paper in Progress: The empirical links between online hate speech and hate crime: a systematic literature review
  • ESR 11 (Soraya Afzali) Paper in progress: The Entanglement of Charismatic Authority
  • ESR 12 (Sophie Litvak) Paper in Progress: Reducing hate crime victimization among individuals belonging to religious groups: A systematic review on the effectiveness of formal and informal measures

Conferences, Workshops & Seminars

WP1: Psychology & Neuroscience
  • ESR 1 (Anna Trimborn) presented at the Padova Open Neuroscience Symposium (07.10.2022, University of Padova), “Grappling with Context in Neuroscientific Research: from Action Recognition to Hate.”
  • ESR2 ( Leda Tortora) participated in the Women’s Residential of the Glencree’s Legacy of Violence project in Belfast, focused on exploring the gendered aspects of past violence and challenges of engaging across communal & geographical divides ( 3-4 March 2022).
WP2: Technology & Social Media
  • ESR 6 (Ina Weber) presented her Delphi study “What makes the haters hate? A Delphi study to construct an ecological model on risk factors for online hate perpetration”at Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap 2022, https://www.etmaal22.net/
  • ESR 6 (Ina Weber) gave a workshop titled “Discussing expert perspectives on technological interventions to prevent online aggression” at the World Anti Bullying Forum 2021 in Stockholm. https://worldantibullyingforum.com/previous-forums/wabf-2021/
  • ESR 6 (Ina Weber) will present her Delphi study “Ask the experts: Applying the Delphi method to determine risk factors and create an ecological model of online hate perpetration” at the ICA Annual Conference 2022 in Paris, https://www.icahdq.org/page/ICA2022
  • ESR 6 (Ina Weber) will present her Delphi study in a panel “Multi-Level Perspectives on Online Hate Speech: Digital, Ideological, and Perceptual Underpinnings of Toxic Online Communication” together with Laura Dellagiacoma and Vladimir Bojarskich at the DGPS 2022 Congress in Hildesheim, https://www.uni-hildesheim.de/dgps2022/
  • ESR 6 (Ina Weber) will present her research on social identity, gender and content moderation (“Who can post what? How identity and social influence impact perceptions of online content moderation”) at the ECREA 2022 9th European Communication Conference in Aarhus, https://conferences.au.dk/ecrea2022
  • ESR 7 (Eva Nave) presented at the International Workshop “Hate Speech – an Interdisciplinary Approach”, organized by the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions at the University of Haifa in collaboration with Freie Universitat Berlin and Technischen Universitat Berlin (online, 17-19/01/2022) https://minervaxtremelaw.haifa.ac.il/2021/10/30/international-workshops-haifa-and-berlin/
  • ESR 7 (Eva Nave) presented at the workshop “Method, methodology and critique in international law”, organized by the Asser Institute Center for International and European Law (online, 15-16/12/2021) https://www.asser.nl/education-events/events/?id=4229
  • ESR 7 (Eva Nave) Invited speaker in the Podcast series “Integrated Projects” created by students at the Leiden University’s Security Studies Bachelor’s degree, episode on “Hate speech, cyberbullying and doxing” (online, 2021)
  • ESR 7 (Eva Nave) presented at the Annual Conference/ Toogdag of the research programme “Effective Protection of Fundamental Rights in a pluralist word”, edition titled “Legal regimes and social divides – radicalization, discrimination and exclusion”, talk titled “Countering online hate speech – how to effectively protect fundamental rights?” (online, 20/05/2021)
  • ESR 7 (Eva Nave) presented at the Fourth Annual Conference/Toogdag of the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research (NNHRR) “Human Rights and Vulnerability”, participation in the panel on “Vulnerability and Human Rights in the Digital Age” convened by the NNHRR Human Rights in the Digital Age Working Group (online, 24/06/2021) https://www.asser.nl/nnhrr/events/annual-toogdag-2022/2021/
  • ESR8 (Yuying Tan) Presented her study: ICT interventions to support online sexual harassment victims A systematic review at World Anti-Bullying Forum 2021 https://worldantibullyingforum.com/previous-forums/wabf-2021/
  • ESR8 (Yuying Tan) Presented a co-design workshop to create social media interface that helps girls cope with online sexual harassment https://worldantibullyingforum.com/previous-forums/wabf-2021/
  • ESR8 (Yuying Tan) Presented Online methods to support online sexual harassment victims at Etmaal22 https://www.etmaal22.net/
  • ESR8 (Yuying Tan) presented her study: Talking about sexual harassment and getting support in Reddit communities: A computational analysis at ICA Regional Conference 2022 Computational Communication Research https://hse-scila.github.io/ica-conference/
  • ESR8 (Yuying Tan) will present her study: Talking sexual harassment and getting support in Reddit communities at #SMSociety 2022 conference https://socialmediaandsociety.org/2022-accepted-papers/
WP3: Culture, Ideologies, & Religion


ESR13 (Tegan Snyman) Blogpost series: “Religiously motivated hate speech against LGBTIQ+ people”:

Part 1: https://research.ihlia.nl/2022/03/10/blog-9-religiously-motivated-hate-speech-against-lgbtiq-people-by-tegan-snyman/;

Part 2: https://research.ihlia.nl/2022/04/14/blog-10-religiously-motivated-hate-speech-against-lgbtiq-people-ii-by-tegan-snyman/;

Part 3: https://research.ihlia.nl/2022/06/09/blog-13-religiously-motivated-hate-speech-against-lgbtiq-people-iii-by-tegan-snyman/