This page showcases the applications we developed for combating hate and harassment.

Online Hate Speech Interventions Map

This map serves as a taxonomy of interventions against online hate. It provides an overview of existing interventions across different time points and at different levels of specificity to help practitioners and researchers navigate through a maze of measures.
We wrote a blog post explaining the idea and development behind the map here. For a German version of this map, see here.

Help! A digital escape room game

This virtual escape room game aims at raising people’s awareness of online sexual harassment. Everyone with a digital device (PC, iPad, or phone) can play the game. This game can be easily embedded on other websites for non-commercial use. This game participated in the Science is Wonderful 2023 activity, and was developed by YuyingTan, an early stage researcher (ESR) from the NETHATE project, in collaboration with Dr. Juan Camón, Head Foreign Language Department CEA Alto Guadalentín.